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Take Back Control of Your Holiday

As you grew older, you likely felt that the more adventurous holidays were out of your reach, but this simply is not true. With improved travel insurance policies specially designed for travellers over the age of 50, you can enjoy all the new places and attractions you missed out on growing up. These amazing policies are easy to sign up for, and you can receive an online quote with just a few simple questions.

As you gear up for the next holiday season, say “goodbye” to the safe and predictable choices so many men and women face at your amazing age. Why should you feel as if you are limited? Rather than sit back and book something slow and boring, explore the world with the knowledge that you are covered against any medical incidents. Your health never stopped you before, so why should it now that you finally have the chance to fulfil your dreams?

Help is Always Available

As you sign up for your travel insurance policy, remember that friendly, professional help is available around the clock. Well-trained men and women dedicate their entire job to any questions or issues you might have about your policy, and they respond quickly to a crisis.

In addition to the amazing customer support system run by real, living UK citizens, you also receive access to a 24-hour medical emergency helpline. With this lifeline in hand, you can face any new country with a smile and an excited heart. The most reputable travel insurance companies understand the importance of your peace of mind, and that is the reason they made it so simple for you to reach out and receive their help. They want you to have the trip of a lifetime, and their safety nets are wide and secure.

The Coverage will be Huge

As a simple example, Escape Travel Insurance specialise in providing holiday cover for the over 50s, and their range of coverage is expansive. The most reputable companies understand that emergency evacuations are extremely expensive. Therefore, many offer coverage of as much as £10 million for medical expenses throughout your holiday traveling. It is a fact that by the time you are air-lifted from a site and taken to your emergency facility of choice, as much as £50,000 is charged to you. Those kind of expenses add up quickly and can be extremely difficult to pay on your own.

Age is Just a Number

The best policies understand that life is a chance, and no age should be placed on fun and adventure. To keep that idea a reality, policies are available to anyone at or below the age of 115. If after that age you still find the energy to travel and see the world on holiday, you deserve a medal. In fact, these companies work so hard to make travel an option for everyone that they allow you to receive a policy even if you are currently still receiving treatment for a pre-existing condition.

Pre-existing conditions, such as those associated with cardiovascular health, should never stop you from enjoying the most of the world. Still, it is important to remember to bring more than enough medication to last your trip, as there can always be unforeseen delays in arrival or departure. It is recommended that any travellers with medication remember to bring at least three days of extra medication along with them for an emergency situation. Always carry that medicine on your carry-on luggage rather than your checked luggage, as luggage can be lost between flights.

Your provider understood the importance of immersing yourself in the beauty and culture of the world, and they created these policies to keep you safe while you do so. You understand better than anyone the frustrations of feeling stuck, and these policies can help you cut the ties that bind you and seek a new freedom to explore.

It Covers more than Health

In addition to health coverage, you are also covered against unforeseen weather catastrophes, cancellations, and even loss of your luggage. Imagine the frustration you might feel if you come off of a long flight only to find that you flew to Africa while your luggage flew to Nepal. With the right travel insurance policy at your back, you are covered for the loss of these items. Even your medication is covered with limitations. Therefore, you need not worry if your luggage decides to take its holiday elsewhere.

Cancellation fees are high for almost any holiday booking, as resorts and cruises treat their space as a money-making commodity. If they cannot fill their rooms, they lose money. With that in mind, you can find yourself in quite the bind if you are forced to cancel last minute. Fortunately, the most reputable travel insurance policies took this into account, and they cover cancellations fees up to £5,000-£8,000.

Take Control of Your Life

You are the only person who truly knows what you are capable of after the age of 50. It is high time you start taking life into your own hands and seeking out the adventures that always eluded you. Take a trip to Africa and ride with the lions or stand in awe of Nepal’s Mount Everest. There are so many wonders and cultures to explore in this world and so many new places to see.

Once you receive your travel insurance policy and arrive at your destination, take the time to travel the roads less travelled. Explore places like Egypt, which are rich with history stretching back thousands of years. Walk where pharaohs walked and marvel at the architectural genius of the ancients. It is never too late to feel like a giddy young child again as you stand in the shadow of a mountain and brush snow off of your shoulder.

You are in control of your life, and you have a great deal more of it to live. Rather than sit at home and let retirement hold you back, get out into the world and see firsthand the beautiful festivals, cuisine, and people. The locals will welcome you with open arms as you walk among them, and there are countless treasures to be found in the local markets. You deserve this more than anyone else, so go and give yourself an experience to remember forever.