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Tips for Successful Family Road Trips

Are you planning an adventurous vacation for your family or hope to visit out of town friends? Road trips can be exciting and full of fun or just shy of abysmal depending on the amount of advanced planning. Follow these recommendations from the travel experts to ensure your road trip is a great success and full of fun family memories.

The top recommendation for a successful road trip is to ensure that your vehicle is in top working condition. Schedule a full service, oil change and tire rotation prior to departure. Take advantage of the great deals offered by Groupon coupons and head to Autoanything.com for new floor mats and seat covers if you’re travelling with small children. Road trips tend to turn into feeding frenzies and protecting your existing car mats is always a sound investment for both your car and nerves.

Plan your route. There are abundant mapping and trip routing Apps available to make trip planning a breeze. Be mindful of weather forecasts, construction sites and traffic entering large metropolitan areas. This is particularly important if you’re travelling during the holidays. Consider departing at night. Traffic tends to be lighter and the children will be able to sleep for a good part of the trip. Elect this option only if you have two drivers that can rotate at least every two hours.  You’ll arrive at your destination fatigues, but potentially less frazzled.

When age appropriate, enlist the children to select games and activities to have for the trip. An endless stream of videos will not only serve to have seriously cranky children upon arrival, but will also rob you of the fun family time that can be had. Sight games and word games are fun for children of all ages. They’ll remember this trip and the time you spent engaged with them far longer than any video game or movie.

Finally, select healthy snacks and drinks that have limited sugar. This is far better than fast food stops which lead to indigestion while travelling. Enjoy your trip and your family time together!